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Sue could not have improved what she did for us and we are very grateful for all she did.
She enabled us to clean the house and dispose of unwanted belongings through her contact. Also through another contact we were able to sell more valuable items.
She was friendly and thoughtful.


Maureen and John Farmer,
Port Perry (Seller)

She made the sale smooth as possible. Always keep in touch and advised us to make the right decision...


Pam Moore (Seller)

Kathy and I would love to thank Sue Trauzzi-VanTienen for all she has done for us and the team of people she brings to the table when selling or buying your home, this is going to be our third house she has helped us find and the second time we have received multiple offers and have sold over asking we wouldn't have be where we are today with out all your help and guidance and to say how nice and easy you make the transition as smooth as possible, because of Sue and the people you bring there are no surprises. We have always recommended you to our friends, family and Neighbors thank you again.

Ray & Kathy Tobin